This is a growing collection of articles about (ANSI) Common Lisp, and how to do useful things with it. I do not intend to convince you that Lisp is a fundamentally better programming language, or other opinionated nonsense. There is enough of that spread across the internet already.

However I will not attempt to disguise the fact that I really enjoy using Lisp. In case writing about it didn’t make that clear enough.

Any references I make to “Lisp” probably refer to Common Lisp, unless I explicitly state otherwise. I’m just lazy like that. Also, I usually assume you are running SBCL.

Recommended reading for anyone new to Common Lisp:


Ric da Silva


I assume at least an intermediate level of programming experience (any language will do) - if you don’t know how to open a command prompt, this probably isn’t for you.

Many things I write will probably be wrong. Please educate me.